I just finished the first round of edits for my second novel, Wings of Love which is due out in February.  Thanks to Lynn West and the entire editing staff at Dreamspinner Press for taking it easy on me.

For those of you who don’t know, Wings of Love is about an Oncologist,  Dr. Bradford Mitchell and how he couldn’t save Jeffrey Owen, his partner of fifteen years from stage IV colon cancer.  After Jeff dies,  Dr. Mitchell tries to escape the emptiness and loss by leaving his Seattle home and traveling  to a small remote lake in the Alaskan mountains where he and Jeff often vacationed

When he lands in Anchorage he reconnects with Mac Cleary, the ruggedly handsome, very straight, float-plane pilot who flew he and Jeff to Hiline Lake many times in the past.  Mac, having lost his wife to breast cancer over five years ago and remembering the grief and devastation he experienced, was determined to help Brad through this difficult time.

The two men form an unlikely friendship and when unforeseen circumstances arise, they buy an old log cabin together. Preparing for Brad’s first winter in the wilderness, he and Mac begin to bring the old cabin back to life. In the process Mac watches Brad come back to life as well.  With winter comes strong feelings for which neither are prepared … and disaster strikes.

Can they work through their issues and salvage some sort of relationship or will the effects of grief and homophobia destroy their friendship?

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