Here’s the final segment of my interview with Dawns Reading Nook – and thanks again Dawn for your thoughtful questions and for the time and space on your blog!

What do you feel are the benefits of the new electronic readers such as Kindle 2 or Sony Digital Book Reader to the environment?

Speed and convenience.

What character (s) in any of your books is most like you?

I think Jack Cameron from Wings of Love is most like me.  He’s a proud man.  He’s real, stubborn, impulsive, gentle and loving.

What is the most ridiculous thing that you have thought about doing to any of your characters but never did?

I came very close to killing a character off recently, but couldn’t bring myself to do it.  He just wasn’t doing what I wanted him to do, so I almost did him in.  Then I listened and let him do what he was supposed to do and everything worked out in the end.

What is your favorite Ice Cream flavor?


If you could have been the servant to any famous person in history, who would that be and why?

John Steinbeck – I so enjoyed his books and would have loved to have had the opportunity to get to know him and soak up whatever knowledge he was willing to share.

Where can we find you on the ‘Net?