Wow! What a way to start the day — to receive a 5 star review on Aamazon for your first book from Amos Lassen — a professional whose reviews I have always read before buying a book.  Here’s the wrap-up of the review:

Cade gives as some very interesting characters especially those of Billy and Ian and for a first time author, his plot is well constructed and flows well. There are also a few surprises and Billy is amazing as he convinces Ian that what they have is too valuable to be thrown away and Ian almost doesn’t realize what he is missing until it is almost too late. The passionate love scene at the end of the book will stay with you for a while just as the crowds at the Superdome cheered Billy’s success.Thank you Amos- I am inspired to make sure that my future books earn the same rating from you!

It is good to know that Scotty Cade has already finished book I of his projected trilogy and we shall be hearing more from him.

 To read the full review, which includes a  synopsis of Final Encore,  please click here.