There’s nothing quite like Southern hospitality!  It was at its best in Atlanta last weekend for a busy couple of days of book signings.  Thanks so much to everyone who bought an autographed copy of Final Encore at the Fabrefaction Theater Company in midtown. The book signing was before their incredible production of “Rent” last Friday night. Where was this jewel of a theatre when we lived in Atlanta? This was a first class show with incredible performers in a beautiful and more importantly, comfortable and stylish theatre. A special thanks to Evelyn Hoff, Christina Hoff, Amelia Fazio and the entire “Rent” cast for such a warm welcome!  We were joined at Fabrefaction by fellow author Shae Connor and Shae’s friend Allen.  Shae won two tickets to “Rent” during the launch contest for Final Encore and Allen tagged along for the fun!  We are all looking forward to being regular Fabrefaction patrons on all future visits to Atlanta.

Surely there is a picture of Philip Rafshoon appearing in the dictionary next to the word ‘hospitality’. Phillip owns the OutWrite Bookstore and Coffee House in Mid-town Atlanta, the location of our Saturday books signing.  Everyone was so warm and supportive, especially Philip. I don’t think he could have been any nicer if I was the almighty Nora Roberts herself! OutWrite is another new favorite spot to include in all my future trips to Atlanta.  It’s easy to see why Creative Loafing and Southern Voice voted it Atlanta’s best bookstore (great coffee and food too)!  Although OutWrite specializes in GLBT literature, there’s probably something there for everyone judging by the purchases made by two of my straight friends who’d joined me for the signing.  Thanks again Philip and the OutWrite team!

And Phillip, thank you for letting me know that Fina Encore was among your top 10 bestsellers last week!

Hopefully, more reasons to visit Atlanta will abound in the coming year. In addition to making new friends on this visit, we enjoyed seeing all the great friends we made when we called Atlanta home for so many years.  When you move away you miss your friends terribly, but as the years pass the pain seems to lessen some,  Then, when you see them again it all comes flooding back.  Peg & John, Cindy, Jeff, Nancy, Lyndon, just to name a few — we miss you terribly and although we are fifteen hundred miles away, you are always in our hearts.

The only downside to the trip was traveling without the love of my life.  Kell stayed behind this trip to mind the inn and our Sheltie, Ms. Mavis Rae. Funny how being away from someone for a couple of days – who you are otherwise with 24/7  — reminds you of how important they are to you.  As wonderful as the weekend was, it missed being a perfect 10 because Kell wasn’t there to share it. Romantic that I am, I believe every great experience is best shared with the one you love!

All I can say is that I am humbled by the show of support for me and my little book and please know that I thank the heavens everyday for each and everyone of you.