Kell and I arrived last Saturday and have been forced to endure 78 degree weather with bright sunshine every day.  It´s a good thing we´re here because it looks like the Northeast is taking a real beating, but we´re too happy to care.

What a wonderful place to just hang out, catch the rays and write.  The view from our Villa overlooks the Sea of Cortez and the whales are breaching morning noon and night.  Last night we took a sunset dinner cruise and the majestic whales swam along side our boat for at least thirty minutes.  An experience like that really makes a person realize just how small we are in the scheme of things.  It was absolutely amazing.  Although this is our fifth year here, the beautiful views of Mexico still take our breath away each time we arrive.

On another note…the release of my second novel, Wings of Love is less than two weeks away (February 11).  Needless to say, I´m  very excited about  publishing another book and am hard at work (yes…even in Cabo) on my third book, Treasure of Love, due for release later this year. Please watch my website for guest blogs and pod-casts around the time of the release.

I´d love to write more, but the infinity pool calls — and from what I can see, a pitcher of Margaritas is next to it. Gotta run…

Scotty out!