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My favorite scene is the opening.  I wrote it in one try and never changed a single word or letter.  The pain and emptiness Brad experienced in the moments leading up to Jeff’s death and then when the end came still gets me every time.  It’s the part of the book I read at my book signings.  As I slowly close the book at the end of the reading, it’s clear from the expression on people’s faces that they truly relate. .  After all, everyone has experienced a loss at one time or another and it’s only natural to associate Brad’s loss with one of your own.

I can’t tell you my other favorite scene because it would give away too much of the book, but it shows Mac’s determination to make things right and Brad’s sheer willpower to keep Mac safe and it too overwhelms me still.

You know most writers draw upon personal experiences to fill the pages of their books in one-way or another.  The most personal part of the book for me was Brad’s struggle to survive after Jeff died.  To not give up, to deal with the loss and never forget, but also move forward.  It takes place throughout the book and well into “Treasure of Love,” the next book in the four book series.

When I started this book I knew what Brad’s character would be like and he so lived up to my expectations to the end. On the other hand Mac surprised me throughout the story.  I never thought he would react to things the way he did and so readily trust and accept them.  But love is a powerful emotion and he chose to stand up to it and embrace it rather than fight it.  Sure he stumbled a time or two along the way but he got up and dusted himself off and took off again with a vengeance.

If you like “Wings of Love” stay on the lookout “Treasure of Love” which will be released in May and book three of the series “Bounty of Love” in August. And, do leave your comments to get your name in the hat for a free e-book. Drawing is after 6PM today.