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The Mystery of Ruby Lode (2nd Edition) earns 4 stars from MMGood Book Reviews!

“The storyline and plot are brilliant, past and present collide when four friends explore Ruby Lode, but that isn’t all this story is about.”

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‘5 Kisses’ for An Unconventional Union from Top to Bottom Reviews!

“Beautifully written with characters that live and breathe off of the written page, An Unconventional Union is one of my favorite books I’ve read this year.”Read More


Rainbow Books Reviews An Unconventional Courtship!

“If you like workplace mysteries and enjoy a boss and employee struggling with what is right and wrong for their personal relationship…Read More


Amos Lassen reviews An Unconventional Courtship

“As the story is disclosed, the reader feels the frustrations of both men…”

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Two Lips gives Final Encore their highest rating!

Calling it “a beautiful story”, TwoLips Reviews provides a great synopsis and very positive critique of Final Encore.

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Praise for Mystery of Ruby Lode!

Thank you MM Good Book Reviews for a thorough and thoughtful review! Read More

Amos Lassen reviews Mystery of Ruby Lode!

“I could not stop reading and found myself glued to the book…” Read More

Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words reviews Ruby Lode

They say “Grab this one up.”

Wings of Love gets a great review from Fallen Angel Reviews!

Thank you Teresa at Fallen Angel Reviews for the great synopsis and review! Read More

Acclaim for Foundation of Love from Black Raven Reviews!

I liked all of the characters in Foundation of Love because they are easy to relate to and are as comfortable as a pair of your favorite slippers… Read More


Foundation of Love gets positive review from Musings of a Bookworm!

Kerry for Musings of a Bookworm says: “This is a book with a lot to say and it says it very eloquently and does it with out out being preachy making it very readable and believable and a book I would recommend.” Read More

‘5 Angels’ for Foundation of Love from Fallen Angel Reviews!

Thanks to Theresa at Fallen Angels Reviews for the excellent synopsis and great review of Foundation of Love. Read More


High Marks for Bounty of Love!

from Tracy’s Place “I guess I should start with saying how much I liked the book.Read More

4 Stars for Wings of Love

from Gerry B’s Book Reviews.

“…the author did not disappoint with his choice of Brad and Mac, two fairly hunky guys equal to the wilderness—even if it is with hot water and a microwave.”

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Foundation of Love gets 5 stars from Jessewave!

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Amos Lassen gives Foundation of Love great review!

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Foundation of Love earns a ‘Highly Recommend’!

Newly Published Foundation of Love gets a great review from From A Bear on Books

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Great Review for Wings of Love

from Queer Magazine Online

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