Hey everyone! I was so thrilled to wake up to find out that Wings of Love had been given five stars and also chosen as a “Top Pick” by Night Owl Reviews.  If you like, you can go to the website and click on the link to see the entire review.
Night Owl Reviews

For those of you that have been asking, “Treasure of Love,” which is the sequel to Wings of Love and is Jack Cameron’s story is currently in editing and will be released in early May.  Jack Cameron is Mac Cleary’s brother-in-law and had quite a time with Brad and Mac’s relationship when he first found out about it.   But this one takes some interesting turns, so be on the lookout.  And as usual, as soon as I know the exact release date, I’ll let you know.
I’m currently working on “Bounty of Love,” which is the prequel to “Wings of Love.”   It is Jake and Zander’s story and it is scheduled to be released in early August.  Zander and Jake are the guys who own the Hiline Lake Lodge and it’s very interesting how these guys met, began their relationship and ended up owning the Lodge.  It will be a thriller as well as a mystery, so hold on to your socks.  I must say that I’m pretty proud of it so far.
Well, got to get back to the grind.  Take care and I’ll be in touch.