I’ve had quite a few questions about why I chose Alaska for the setting.  Well, the backdrop of the story calls for a remote area accessible only by floatplane with a lodge and great scenery.  I started my search on Google and ended it with a call to the owners of the Hiline Lake Lodge, who were very friendly and helpful.  They filled me in on the areas surrounding the lake and lodge and after looking at the pictures on their website, the spot seemed perfect.

I became attached to the two main characters very quickly and because of that, the book almost wrote itself.  Brad stayed extremely strong through Jeff’s fight with cancer but quickly fell apart after Jeff’s death.  He blamed himself for not being able to beat the cancer and knowing he could no longer have the life he and Jeff shared he left it all behind for a place that they both loved.  Mac, on the other hand, was content to go through the motions of life day after day, nit bad, but not really living.  In many ways Mac was very vulnerable, but every bit as strong as Brad.  He’d faced many obstacles in his life but did the right thing for everyone around him and never worried about his feelings until he meets Brad.

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