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99 cent – Special Offer! 

An Uncovnetional Courtship 200x300“An Unconventional Courtship” was  selected by Apple and iBooks to be included in a week long “Find Your Book Boyfriend,” promotion. From now until February 3rd you can get it for just $.99!

Bissonet and Cruz are back, this time in The Big Easy where a man is targeted and shot during the Mardi Gras in the middle of a crowded street – and that’s just for starters…

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  • The Royal Street Heist
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  • An Unconventional Union (Sequel to An Unconventional Courtship)
  • An Unconventional Courtship
  • The Mystery of Ruby Lode

Kudos for Mystery of Ruby Lode!

The first few reviews of Mystery of Ruby Lodeare very positive – and very encouraging!  Thanks to the reviewers for taking the time to read Ruby Lode and for your thoughtful comments!  I am now hard at work on my seventh novel – An Unconventional Courtship...

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